What Hubric Resources Can Do For You: Advantages of Outsourced Human Resources

Close your eyes and imagine unexpectedly losing a pivotal employee at your business. This individual is proficient not only in finance and sales, but also has expert knowledge of labor laws, organizational management and equal opportunity employment.

Chances are, you have lost a critical member of your human resource department! These professionals are expected to be adept in each of these areas while sustaining critical business functions. In reality, however, businesses are no longer limited to in-house skills and talents, with outsourced HR services hitting all-time highs.  

Regardless of whether you require assistance with training and development, employee benefits and compensation, handbook writing services, case study creation, recruiting or consulting, we can help! We provide human resource solutions that are catered to your organization on a case by case basis. By turning to us, you can rest assured every angle is covered by a qualified (and innovative!) expert.  

Read on to learn how Hubric Resources can provide you with human resource solutions that will allow you to focus on what you do best – getting back to business.

Key Advantages: Why Consider Outsourcing Human Resource Management?

To be technical for one moment, outsourcing is another term for an agreement forged between a third-party contractor and business owner where the main duties and responsibilities of human resources management falls to the outside provider. Depending upon the arrangement, a business owner may request the outsourcing company to handle specific business roles and/or functions, or take over the entire HR department.

What can help you decide if your business is ready to make the change to outsourced HR solutions? At Hubric, our consultants will sit side-by-side with you to analyze whatever data, projections and contract terms you currently possess. Depending upon how much you could potentially save by switching to us, we can help to work out a process that will protect against additional transitional costs that can occur as roles are re-aligned.

Far from becoming involved in a scenario where you feel you “do not own” your own business issues, we pride ourselves in our ability to become expertly versed in your company values, needs and advancement. Together, outsourced HR solutions can help to enable busy managers focus less on day-to-day redundancies and focus more on employee experiences.   

Services in Focus: Case Study Creation and Policy Writing

When telling your business’ story is the goal, there is no better option than turning to a case study. Rather than telling your potential customers and clients what to expect, case studies allow them to experience the steps taken to solve real life challenges from their own perspectives. Think about it: you wouldn’t invest in your next car or home without doing some serious research to see which stands to benefit you the most. Similarly, why should potential customers opt for a business, that is unable or unwilling to share the very success stories it supposedly consistently produces?  

In addition to providing critical information, the case study approach shifts attention from the company to your customer. Rather than going into a self-promotional narrative, cases where your solutions provided relief, success, or financial gain excite and instill hope in readers who may be considering whether you are the right option for their goals. They will also be leaving with the beneficial takeaway that your services mean success! Don’t just talk about what you do: be willing to back up results with a case study.

Similarly, how can you expect employees to excel when there is no common definition for what that looks like within your company? That’s where manual writing services come in. Our professionally trained technical writers have the experience needed to generate concise, easy-to-understand manuals that will help workers know what is expected of them, without losing productivity to micro-management techniques or unnecessary check-ins.

Why both with a policy manual for your business? In addition to the benefits above, you can be sure any pre-existing documents or materials you already have are easy to understand and in a format that is accessible to employees. Our professional ensure that tone, focus, messaging and objectives are consistently met throughout your finished products. Forget the days of ambiguous or difficult-to-discern employee responsibilities and rights. Invest in getting everyone on the same page, so you can strive together to obtain success!

Are You Ready for the Next Generation of Human Resources Management? Tackle Your Challenges With Hubric Resources.

There’s no doubt that outsourced HR solution can save you and your business time, money and lost productivity. But this only applies when the correct consulting and recruiting resource is chosen! Don’t make the mistake of selecting a provider who is only interested in a one-size-fits-all approach, or software that is unable to educate you about the processes you seek to enhance while seeing real results.  

We pride ourselves in employing some of the best human resources professionals in the industry, with 95 percent of our clients reporting that they feel the same way about our expertise. In our opinion, the true test of successful business models and practices are repeat customers. We cannot wait to make you the next one!  

Have you ever worked with an outsourced human resources organization? And if so, what was your experience like from both a client and business owner perspective?

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