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Incorporated in 2003, Hubric Resources is a full-service human resources management company committed to providing cost-effective solutions to businesses in the mid-atlantic states and beyond.

All too often, small businesses have a person who is not an HR professional manage their human resources, along with multiple other functions (e.g., payroll, accounting and/or office administration).  When a company only has a couple of employees, it can often get away with “winging it.”  However, what most employers don’t realize is that as you grow, the number of employment laws and regulations also grows significantly, thus the bigger you get, the more complex the HR function becomes.  In addition, the more employees you have the probability of having employee issues also increases.  The above scenario coupled with the fact that employees are becoming increasingly litigious will often lead to a myriad of issues such as discrimination and sexual harassment claims, wage and hour compliance issues, high employee turnover and poor morale.  


Hubric Resources specializes in providing HR support to small businesses.  Our seasoned team of human resources professionals has the ideal combination of experience, education and diplomacy to adapt to any company and any industry. Our team offers a diverse background ranging from healthcare, manufacturing, small pharma, hospitality, non-profit, government, education and service. All of our team members have significant, proven human resources experience with small businesses.

When an organization reaches out to Hubric Resources, they are personally connected with a consultant that best matches the needs of their organization. Since each consultant brings a varied set of experience and specialties to our company, we pride ourselves in matching our consultants based on related skills, abilities and cultural fit. Our human resources professionals will work with your staff at all levels and may handle some of the most confidential information contained within your organization. As a result, it is extremely important to Hubric Resources that you feel comfortable and confident in the abilities of our staff and our company.

We know we employ some of the best human resources professionals in the industry. 95% of our clients feel the same way and return for additional support once they have experienced the personal attention and quality of work provided from each of our consultants.

Above all, our team has a genuine passion for what they do, and it shows!

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