Human Resources for Large Business

As a business grows, so do the complexities of the human resources function.  Click below to learn how Hubric helps its large business clients.

The following is a list of large business service offerings:

Hubric Resources has extensive experience with assisting large employers with their HR function. Examples include:

  • Temporary support for vacant HR positions
  • Sexual harassment investigations and trainings
  • Recruiting for hard-to-fill positions
  • Compensation and benefit analysis
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Large-scale layoffs
  • FMLA administration
  • Recruiting for hard-to-fill positions
  • Assisting with special projects


Our seasoned team of human resources professionals has the ideal combination of experience, education and diplomacy to adapt to any company and any industry. Our team offers a diverse background ranging from healthcare, manufacturing, small pharma, hospitality, non-profit, government, education and service. All of our team members have significant, proven human resources experience with small businesses.

When an organization reaches out to Hubric Resources, they are personally connected with a consultant that best matches the needs of their organization. Since each consultant brings a varied set of experience and specialties to our company, we pride ourselves in matching our consultants based on related skills, abilities and cultural fit. Our human resources professionals will work with your staff at all levels and may handle some of the most confidential information contained within your organization. As a result, it is extremely important to Hubric Resources that you feel comfortable and confident in the abilities of our staff and our company.

We know we employ some of the best human resources professionals in the industry. 95% of our clients feel the same way and return for additional support once they have experienced the personal attention and quality of work provided from each of our consultants.

Please check out the services section of our website to see  how we can help your company with its HR function.

  • Consulting

    • Provide interim or project support with human resources initiatives
    • Provide guidance on COVID-19 as it relates to your employees.
    • Human Resources risk assessments to ensure compliance with federal, state and local employment regulations.
    • Employee Handbooks and employment policy creation and/or revisions.
    • Organizational chart analysis/design
    • Unemployment & workers’ compensation claims management
    • Create, update or audit employment job descriptions
    • Customized performance evaluations
    • Experts with Problem employee/employee relations
    • Employee coaching, counseling and terminations
    • Strategic and operational support with mergers and acquisitions
    • Available for critical employment issues 24/7
  • Compensation and Benefits

    • Salary and benefit program analysis and design
    • Employee incentive programs
    • Compensation metrics
    • Salary and benefits surveys
  • Employee Relations

    • Managing difficult employees
    • Substance abuse issues/medical marijuana
    • Sexual and other unlawful harassment investigations and trainings.
    • Employee disciplines and terminations
  • Outsourcing

    • Partial or complete outsourcing of the HR function
    • Handle the recruiting an on-boarding process
    • Recruiting support
    • Implementation of new programs
    • Unlawful harassment trainings and investigations
    • Communication campaigns
    • Layoff and merger support
    • Compensation studies
    • Leadership training
    • And more...if it's HR, we can do it!
  • Recruiting Support

    • We help clients of all industries with any position
    • Executive searches
    • On-site recruits
    • Draft professional employment advertisements
    • Reference and background checks
    • Drug screening
    • Administrator of DISC profiles
  • Regulatory Compliance/Policies & Procedures

    • Assess the human resources function
    • Employee handbook reviews and revisions
    • Effective and legally compliant job descriptions
    • Wage & Hour investigations
  • Training & Development

    • Leadership Training/Management Workshops
    • Sexual and Other Unlawful Harassment training
    • Diversity & Inclusion training
    • Conflict & performance management
    • Human Resources law
    • Business Communications
    • Time Management for managers
    • Delegation skills
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Wellness program rollouts
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