“HR Life Hacks”- A New Series from Hubric Resources

Hubric Resources is excited to start a new series, “HR Life Hacks” where we will highlight best practices and ideas that we assisted and collaborated with on for our valued clients or best practices that our clients created on their own. Our clients are doing some amazing things and we are excited to start doing spotlights and share useful HR information!

The first in this series is a “COVID Guidance Sheet” that we assisted in creating for a client to provide their employees guidelines on how to handle close contact, symptoms, and positive test results whether they are vaccinated or unvaccinated. Using this chart, the employees are able to determine which steps to take when in these particular situations. This client is also offering a generous vaccine incentive and  paid time off to get vaccinated. It should be noted that this client feels strongly about vaccinations.

We hope you enjoy this new series and find our “HR Life Hacks” useful for your company!

Stay tuned for future “HR Life Hacks” and if you would like any assistance with HR Hacks for your company contact us today.