Getting to Know Us: Interview Featuring Pete Bergonzi of Hubric Resources

Get to know us!

At Hubric Resources we believe that current and potential clients alike should have access to a clear sense of who we are as both a company, and a team. That’s why we’re pleased to feature regular spotlight interviews, where you can learn about one of our highly skilled colleagues, including their background and specialties. This week we are proud to introduce Pete Bergonzi, who serves as our Senior Human Resource tactician and leader.

Beginning with a more formal overview, Pete totes both US and International experience in the development, implementation, and ongoing measurement of human resource and total rewards programs. He is comfortable collaborating with all levels of management and developing solutions through the leadership of cross-functional teams. To boot, Pete also specializes in streamlining HR programs to enhance program understanding and effectiveness. His extensive background in HR Information Systems, Benefits and Total Rewards, International Labor and Human, Employee Relations and HR Compliance served as a foundation for the 16 years he dedicated to various HR functions. Before joining us in 2014, Pete worked with two international manufacturers and an education institution.

As those who work in the industry know well, consultants are often associated with poor reputations as individuals who merely function as “yes men” and “yes women”. Pete, on the other hand, takes a much different approach when it comes to his clients. Of utmost importance to him is that everyone be incredibly open and up front from the start of a client relationship, with Pete promising to provide the facts and best solutions based upon the information provided to him by the client. A major benefit to working with Pete is the knowledge that he is not on “anyone’s side”, nor working to undermine company efforts.

Considering the current pandemic and highly charged political environment, it is important that consultants remain apolitical, by providing fact-based solutions that are supporting the best interests of the of employers and the employees. Pete sees this as being especially true when one is working directly with Business Owners and Senior Executives. At the end of the day, the assurance that clients can trust consultants is critical. At the same time, clients should also feel free to express their thoughts even if those comments are inappropriate or would “ruffle some feathers.” Ultimately, consultants are not only outsourced input, but function as coaches and confidantes, as well (if you ask Pete).

After the forewarning that “this may sound very geeky”, Pete reports that he uses the spare time he can muster to study information and cyber security subject areas. This pastime was born during the years he was pursuing a master’s degree in information science, when numerous podcasts, blogs, and vlogs on these topics piqued his interest. Specifically, he is enamored by “pen testing” or penetration testing, which can be described as “ethical hacking”, or an authorized simulated cyberattack on a computer system, performed to evaluate the security of the system. 

When the area of favorite resources is raised, Pete quickly points to the Cyberwire Series of podcasts, which includes Caveat, Hacking Humans and the Cyberwire daily. He is also a fan of the websites, Krebs on Security and Naked Security. Although to some this hobby may appear unrelated to his day-to-day pursuits, he in fact finds the process of reviewing cyber security similar to that he enlists while providing strategic HR reviews of businesses. In both projects, one must diagnose the issue or do a rough gap analysis and try to present a unified solution that will provide stability, security, and compliance to the client organization.

Regardless of the current pandemic environment, Pete would say the biggest challenge that HR consultants face is one of sustainability. Too often, companies perceive HR as an afterthought or a service to be taken for granted; but not as an important leadership feature. Much of this, Pete says, is due to the lack of real-world HR education and a lack of meaningful opportunities for young practitioners.

Looking back, Pete realizes that for himself, early luck during the infancy of his career provided him with a mentor and ample opportunities, resources, and feedback. Although his mentor was consistent about championing his wins, he also provided direct feedback about the times when Pete failed, as well.  Human Resources, as a field, needs to pivot from its reliance on legacy education standards, personal management, and administration, and make the full shift to developing professionals who are analytical, strategic, and technology driven.

As a takeaway thought, Pete reflects that the environment and scope of how companies conduct their business has changed considerably in the last two to three years. But HR sub areas, such as Recruiting, Employee Retention, Compensation and Benefits Analysis and HR Compliance are just as important to the success of Company as is an Accounting and Supply Chain. As a result, organizations must engage and communicate with HR as a step in their journey towards long term success.

If you’d like to get in touch with Pete, or another one of our qualified professionals, contact us today! We’d love to get to know you, and learn about the goals you have for your colleagues, employees and business.

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