“Being Happier Than the Average Person” and Secrets of Recruiter Success: An Interview with Lisa Wortman, Senior Recruiter at Hubric Resources

“Being Happier Than the Average Person” and Secrets of Recruiter Success: An Interview with Lisa Wortman, Senior Recruiter at Hubric Resources

According to the data, recruiters feel nearly 10 percent happier with their careers than the typical person. And after reading our latest interview with Lisa Wortman, Hubric Resource’s Senior Recruiter, we are certain you will come to realize the truth behind the statistic!

Despite Lisa’s efforts to convince us she was “too boring to interview,” on the contrary, her experience, passion and industry insight enhance her interactions with those she works with while attaining their business goals. This fact applies both to her in-house relations, as well as those professionals she serves through a client-facing role.

Before introducing you more formally to Lisa, you may be wondering what a professional recruiter does. You may also be curious as a small business owner, as to why you would want to outsource this service in the first place. Read on below for a brief explanation before getting to know more about Lisa’s day to day functions at Hubric.

What does a Recruiter do, and why should I outsource this service?

Current conditions aside, small business owners know better than anyone that your time and effort are limited resources. This means any additional work to hire new employees often translates into less time for you to focus on running your business. This is particularly true when it comes to recruiting new talent, which is not only vital to the future success of your company, but also a source of heavy drain on day-to-day resources when not managed efficiently.

If, for example, your help wanted ad has been sitting stagnant for weeks (or months) on end, this may not be a reflection of your business’ reputation or even the starting salary offered. On the contrary, you may be lacking the proper skillset to identify the best candidates for the position or are not reaching out to them in the best way. With the right recruiter (like Lisa!), you can trust that the qualities you desire in an employee are the ones that will be reflected in your new hire.

What is an added benefit of working with outsourced recruiters? Connections. As you will learn from Lisa’s interview in just a moment, there is no trait more important for a recruiter to possess than relationship building. Although longtime client relationships are a reflection on the caliber of individual that Lisa is and the services she provides, they are also typical of the best recruiters out there.

Read below to learn more about Lisa, what inspired her to pursue her career in recruiting and how she keeps her professional life as stimulating in 2021 as it was during year one.

All About Relationships: The “Other Secret” Behind Lisa’s Success

As mentioned above, the best recruiters in the industry are those who are capable of handling relationships with hiring managers, clients and colleagues (Deloitte study). Perhaps unsurprisingly, then, when asked what inspired Lisa to become a recruiter she responded, “the ability to foster, grow and maintain relationships with those I work with, and gaining a deep insight about their business.” 

To say Lisa is a people person would be an unstatement, with her first 14 years on the job at requiring her to wear many hats for clients within clerical, industrial and medical markets. With her background in Business Management from Kutztown University, Lisa recalls “cold-calling” during her early career as being a task she actually grew quite fond of. During this time, she was able to personally connect with her client’s prospects while getting to know their businesses through the eyes of her colleagues and those working “on the ground” each day.  

What motivated Lisa to stay in her first position for nearly two decades, you ask? A combination of deeply fostered client relationships, coupled with a firm belief in her clients’ products and services. After all, she pointed out, “if you do not believe in the person, product or service you are representing, why commit the disservice of working for that client?”. Luckily, over the years Lisa has enjoyed positive, lasting relationships with both the companies and clients she has assisted. In fact, it was her unique ability to communicate, friendly personality and professional expertise that networked her with Hubric Resources’ founders!  

The Road to Hubric: Following Connections and Career Passions

Lisa found her way to Hubric Resources through her connection to Tom, whom she had met by working with on projects in a shared industry. Although they met five years prior to Lisa officially coming on board as our Senior Recruiter, the professional relationship she fostered made a lasting impression. As such, we did not hesitate to invite Lisa to join our team when she expressed interest to do so! 

Despite the changes over the years -most notably the current situation with the pandemic- Lisa maintains that her favorite part of her every-day job remains very much the same, and quite unchanged: relationship building. In fact this process is so important to Lisa, that she describes it as one that makes her “thrive”, while giving her the motivation to provide trust and value to clients while “telling it like it is” to them. She considers the last portion of this process to be especially pertinent in today’s climate, since so many are in need of facts and solutions, not sugar coating.

Though many are quick to admit that they are not fans of remote interactions such as Zoom conference calling, Lisa has noticed a willingness of her clients to opt for this and similar technologies during the pandemic. To her, this is a signal to her recruitment radar that providing meaningful connections -in addition to understanding staffing challenges- remain on the top of client “must-have” lists for 2021. In fact, Lisa was hard-pressed to think of major shifts she has experienced over the past year with respect to how her daily role, work and communication practices has been affected. If nothing else, we believe this speaks to Lisa’s amazing ability to retain a positive attitude, see solutions where other see problems, and sustain high output despite stress and uncertain conditions.  

What is one pro tip Lisa recommends to those mainly working or recruiting in a remote context? Pick up the phone! If you can’t video connect, or a client is heavy in their use of email and texting, she notes that taking the time to speak personally matters. From a client’s perspective, she notes, this is still one of the best ways to support meaningful relationships despite 2021’s workplace challenges.

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