Abandoning the Annual Performance Review: Alternative Methods for the Short and Long Term

When it comes to evaluating employee performance, there is no one-size-fits-all solution that is the right fit for every business. That’s why finding the options that suit you, your goals and your workers is a must! This being said, there are both short and long-term changes your company can initiate to keep up with the changing times of an increasingly digital workforce and HR management process as the end of the year quickly approaches.

Today, we’ll spend time reviewing some of the more progressive performance evaluation options that top companies and small businesses alike are beginning to embrace. Whether you are interested in expanding your current software management system, data analysis strategy or routes to employee connectivity, you can rest assured that there are more effective ways of managing the people who help you, do what you do best!

Future Focused Reviews: Identifying Your Workers’ Needs, Wants And How They Contribute to Company Goals

There’s no doubt about it: business trends change more quickly than our ability to adapt to them moment to moment. But this is no excuse for failing to revisit and regularly update how you evaluate your employees!

The unfortunate reality is, businesses that wait longer to invest in understanding changes in team dynamics and individual performance experience a more arduous updating process once they do choose to take a different approach to the annual review. This highlights why you should clearly outline your business goals, needs and realities prior to investing in an alternative employee review process, to be sure you address which factors are the most important to you in the short and long-term.    

What You Can Do Now: Review What’s Working and What’s Not With Employee Evaluation Basics

Before turning to any outside method for handling your employee’s performance and engagement metrics, you should complete a thorough inhouse assessment of the information, tools and resources that are required to help you maintain consistency for every worker you review.

You may consider downloading and editing templates for performance reviews that have been generated using the latest data,or conducting your own open-ended surveys to gather internal feedback. Selections that enhance your ability to gather and review needed documents, conduct face-to-face evaluations (whether in person or remotely), and easily provide feedback and recommendations to improve performance warrant the most attention. To get started now, you can download this premade performance review document, which can be edited to suit either exempt or non-exempt employee evaluations.

Know Your Digital Resources: The Weekly 10 And Why More Companies Are Using Similar Programs For HR Solutions

Perhaps unsurprisingly, is the reality that many businesses have chosen to switch to digital performance review options, including the likes of Weekly10 which is an up-and-coming solution for retaining employees while providing fantastic data and insights for distributed teams. One benefit of this program is the ability to link with popular software, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Google G-Suite.

Whether you are interested in boosting employee engagement or performance, or in understanding people analytics more holistically, there’s  serious reasons that Weekly10 is now among the hot alternatives to the annual performance review in 2020. With the advent of remote work dawning upon the remainder of businesses and industries that were previously hesitant to make the switch to remote human resource solutions, the potential for models based on the simplicity of weekly check-ins to drive powerful company outcomes is limitless.

What are the added benefits of the Weekly10 technology, according to real human resource management professionals? Accessibility, ease of use and connectivity. If appealing to an “on the go” lifestyle full of travel, meetings and errands sounds preferable, you will want to check out this desktop and app-based solution for employee review and management. Teams can check in regularly, share notes, and comment in real time, while incorporating the benefits of continuous performance feedback.

In a nutshell, the beauty of products such as Weekly10 includes the blending of evidenced-based employee engagement no matter where your workforce is centralized. Inspired by the idea of the regular weekly check-in, company culture and employee engagement become valued and consistent aspects of your work week and flow. How can Weekly10 achieve this for your organization? Check out this short video, which shows you how 10-minute weekly reflections translate into constant “in the know” regarding your employee’s individual goals, and see where they mesh with team level visions. You can access everything on the go, with popular business apps such as Microsoft Word and Slack seamlessly integrated into the platform for connectivity.

Companies Who Evaluate Differently: Deloitte’s Reinvention of the Performance Management Process

When asked of their opinion regarding the annual review process, a Deloitte management representative stated the procedure is merely “an investment of 1.8 million hours across the firm that didn’t fit out business needs anymore.” For those who have been working years or many decades in the human resource profession, the annual review procedure often conjures images of last-century practices that lack creativity while producing unnecessary piles of paperwork.

What was the solution to the outdated annual review, according to businesses such as Deloitte? Processes that trade the negative qualities of older versions for serious upgrades centered around agile goal management, check-ins and continuous feedback. In reality, 90 percent of companies that have invested in redesigning their performance management process report seeing immediate and direct engagement improvements. In addition, enhanced conversations between employees and managers were also cited as a major improvement of transitioning to a newer employee evaluation model.

Deloitte considered trending research prior to making adjustments, including the finding that employees actually desire more regular feedback than previously thought. Data insights now equip companies such as Deloitte with the added ability to inform decisions about who to promote when, for how much, and to which roles with hard evidence gathered over time. Another eye-opening takeaway from the Deloitte human resource example is the fact that, like this business, many companies have never revised, updated or enhanced their primary evaluation method since opening their doors (in Deloitte’s case, the 1970’s) . As the strategic shift of Deloitte demonstrates, now is the perfect time to assess whether what was working for you in the beginning, is capable of carrying you forward to achieve your goals and vision in 2020 and beyond.

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